Solar & Wind Energy

- No electrical power cost.

- No pollution or carbon footprint.

- Iliminate the cost of trenching and installing underground conduit, transformers, electric wires.

- No risk of electric shock.

- Install in almost any location.

- Hassle free and reliable with long life solutions as standard.


LED Lighting Technology

- LED lighting is a proven and leading choice all around the world.

- Our LEDís are manufactured by Cree, an industry leader.

- LED lighting saves energy and operating costs.

- Insects cannot see LED light therefore are not attracted to it.

Quality Craftsmanship

- Our products are manufactured and assembled using proven quality materials and craftsmanship.

- Our factory adheres to strict quality control, pride and care.

- We have a track record of reliability and performance.

- Our solar LED lighting solutions have been installed and operationing successfully all around the world.

Signature Design

- Our team of tallent in collaboration with industry leaders design, and develop innovative solutions.

- Our signautre designed solar tower allows for greater sun energy capture, eliminate snow and debris build-up, maintenance friendly, and more reliable operation in extreme heat and cold climate conditions.

- Our lights are aesthetically pleasing.